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Ananya Bordoloi

Ananya Bordoloi is a conceptual creator – the process is more important than the outcome – who writes, paints and cooks as forms of creative practice. She is interested in forms and structure when it comes to interrogation (research) and uses intuition and logic(s) hand in hand for creation. As a life-long migrant (first not of choice and then of), Ananya is interested in postcolonialism and its varying implications on labour, freedom of movement, subjectivity and interpersonal relations. She has previously worked as a researcher in global sociology and global governance in Berlin, focusing on themes of diversity and Global North-South relations, and in a women rights’ NGO as a public relations person. Ananya holds a M.A. in Global Studies from Humboldt University of Berlin and a B.A. in International Relations and Journalism from Monash University Malaysia. She is a co-founder of the migrant FLINTA collective, Spaces of Enocunter, which facilitates political discussions through art and gastronomy. She currently works as a public relations associate in the private sector. Currently, Ananya spends most of her free time painting, journaling, or swimming..

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